Lotus Catheter Kit


The LotusCatheter kit is currently available in siliconized natural latex and 100% latex free Silicone.

The LotusCatheter kit includes 1 Siliconized Latex LotusCatheter and 1 LotusCatheter Stabilizer, underpad(waterproof), alcohol hand prep, latex-free/powder-free gloves, fenestrated drape, 3 saturated swab sticks (Povidone-Iodine), lubricating jelly, 500ml urine meter pre-connected to 2600CC drainage bag with anti-flux chamber, specimen container, cap, and label tray, dripless outlet device, strip hanger, attachment clip, tray, CSR wrap and castile soap towelettes.


Currently the LotusCatheter kit's are available in even French size diameters ranging from 8Fr to 26Fr. 

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