Lotus Catheter


The LotusCatheter is made from siliconized coated natural latex and is available in sizes ranging from pediatric to adult. The proximal tip comprises of four symmetrical parallel cuts and houses the polyethelene terephthalate (PET) activation rod. The rod is attached to the bellows mechanism that is fixed near the distal end, that contains the connection for a standard urine bag.


The bellows are deployed by gently pulling open, creating a compressive force which activates the parallel cuts that hold the LotusCatheter in place within the bladder and open a pathway for urine to flow. Moreover when activated, the flower-like lumen also act as retaining mechanism that rests at the bladder neck, ensuring complete drainage while enhancing patient comfort.

Due to the complete drainage of the bladder with no residual urine there is a decreased incidence of infection, and limited bladder and urethral trauma in the event of accidental removal. Preliminary data from ongoing clinical trials shows the LotusCatheter has complete drainage and zero instances of infections compared to the Foley catheter. Currently, residual urine is a leading cause of the Foley catheter’s high rate of infection, even with the use of antiseptic coatings.

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